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What Would It Mean For Your Business If Prospects That You Haven't Talked To For Days, Weeks Or Months...Began Reaching Out To YOU, Ready To Know More?! Guarantee you NEVER let another prospect slip through the cracks and be forgotten about again!

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Learn More About A 16-Year Trusted Source For Responsive Qualified Prospects, Daily, into YOUR Inbox, Actually Expecting & Waiting for your call! Click to learn more!


Postmaster Software is more efficient and consistent follow up equaling MORE sales, MORE profit, MORE recruits, in less time. It's your secret competitive advantage over those using branded autoresponders or not following up hardly at all!
Here's all the details:

Imagine for just a moment...that you had the email address & phone number, even past notes etc. for every single prospect that you have EVER come in contact with, in one single app, RIGHT NOW! Just think about the far-reaching impact and power you'd have, being able to communicate to such a huge, targeted, growing audience at any moment; by category, personalized, and even automated in the same time it takes to craft a single message! It's real, effective, push-button, yet personal...promoting, selling, coaching, training, motivating, whatever you want; at your fingertips.

Just think what this could do for your ability to build and foster relationships!

So, why Postmaster over one of the autoresponder companies?
That's an easy one.
  • One-time investment with a 6-8 month payback and it's yours forever (with our lifetime license). Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over time with Postmaster!
  • You control everything from your PC 100% with NO branding, other than YOU and your company.
  • Unmatched personal-touch, with the recipient unable to tell your emails are automated at all.
  • Far more flexibility using powerful automation of our IES module (Incoming Email Solution).
  • The best DELIVERABILITY possible! I won't argue the point with autoresponder companies, and their self-reported deliverability rates, that send millions of messages a day from a single server with an unavoidably certain and constant amount of customers spamming. What I will say is that absolutely NOTHING gets better deliverability than sending personal messages, one at a time (automated mind you) through your ISP or Webhost right to the recipient's Inbox, period!

"...I can not believe I was able to ever function without it" - Kevin Wilke, VisionPro Associates

"Your software is the best thing since the Internet...Wow! in my sleep I'm beating my competition." - Paul Conti, San Jose, CA

Ask ANY successful marketer, whether they're an Internet, Affiliate or Network Marketer..."What's THE most important aspect of your business?" over 90% of the time, the answer will be, BUILDING LISTS AND FOLLOWING UP!

"The biggest mistake that I've made in my time online was to think I could be successful without building a list and following up." My friend, Mark Thompson, from Spain.

Click here, for more details on Postmaster, then download and try it for FREE! You can also watch an overview video and a walk-through training video!

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Check out our Responsive Leads Company, proven over 16-years, that's generated and sold over 500,000 leads for our industry!

A 16-year trusted source where responsive pre-qualified prospects are actually expecting and waiting for your call. (How refreshing!) Each one has reached out, actively looking and open to starting a home business and want to earn extra income in their spare time.

"...To Grow YOUR Downline, Bank Account and Lifestyle,
Starting As Soon As Tomorrow!"

If you're not quite ready to generate enough prospects leads, on your own, to keep you and your partners busy recruiting, we have the solution, and they can show up 4 days a week in your INBOX!

We are a long term proven source for Responsive Leads. We have proven our salt over the long haul, having generated and sold over 500,000 prospects for our industry! A 24-48 hours fresh, LONG FORM fills, right to your inbox 4 days a week!

Responsive Pre-qualified Prospect Leads, So You Can Open Warm Market Teams All Around The Country! Expanding your circle-of-influence and leverage beyond your local market is crucial for sustainable growth, and can also eliminate any fear or desperation a new recruit or prospect may have, feeling their fate depends, solely, on their warm market of family and friends! (And, for a very LIMITED time, we'll call YOUR first day or two of leads, with you listening!)

It does NOT get any easier than this. Click here for details!

Hrs : Mins : Secs

If you order within 48 hours from now, not only will you get over $500 in training and one-on-one coaching, but...

Mark Wittkowski, a 16-year Internet Marketer & Coach, will walk you through his 17-page intensive lead training guide, "PROSPECT 2 RECRUIT," with you ONE-ON-ONE!

...AND then jump on the phone (WITH YOU) and call through your first 2 days of leads!
Yep, he'll break the ice, then qualify your prospects, insure you make a connection with them right then, and finally he sets up your next appointment for you!

You'll hear first-hand...the most important and maybe the best possible initial 10 seconds (opening phrase) to warm up ANY Internet lead! He instantly disarms the prospect and almost guarantees that they put down their defenses (the skeptical gatekeeper) and open up to YOU, insuring you both feel comfortable.

This is the single biggest challenge, working ANY Internet generated prospect leads, and Mark will help you solve it for good, in about 30 minutes!

EVERY new client gets password access to our Comprehensive, 17-page Success Secrets Training Guide! "PROSPECT 2 RECRUIT: The Complete Guide To 'The Truth' About New Age Networking!"

It's an accumulation of over 10 years of tips and strategies that we've used to generate over $5 million in online sales as well as secret strategies and tactics of some of the Network Marketing Industry Legends. This is the information we've shared with clients, some who have gone on to fame and fortune, and it can make all the difference in the world to your business and your results.

We don't just cover how to work leads and what to say to insure they let you past their mental gatekeeper and are open to listening to you...but, we cover nearly every step of PROSPECT 2 RECRUIT. We also include many crucial aspects and invaluable insights of building a successful home business.

Give us a try today, and starting building local warm markets all around the U.S., THE RIGHT WAY. Click here to get started.


Call us at 888-793-2882 or 701-258-0797, and ask us anything in order to help you!


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